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Stan Local Biz: AA Studio says “Young and Loving It”

Feature ⬝ Real Jhon Castillon

A look at their carefully curated Instagram feed and you know in an instant that this studio is for the young, those who enjoy being young and just about being young; the aesthetics, the visuals, and the overall production could attest to this.

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If you’re looking for a studio that could make your youth magazine cover inspired photoshoot ala Scout Mag come true, then need not to think twice and book AA Studio. Or even if it’s otherwise, still, book AA Studio.

This studio has been in the Metro Davao for only less than a year and it has proven itself to be a studio that gives quality service to its clients. Some of its works have appeared in the website of no less than the best-selling fashion magazine in the Philippines, Preview PH.

“In 2018, we had a shoot where we needed colored background papers for the video. We looked everywhere for a studio that offers this but the ones we found only had basic colors like white, gray and tech green,” Andrea Amparo, owner and founder of the AA Studio, shared with The Middle Mag PH.

She added, “We found other studios but they only had lights for photography. Back then, it was really hard to find a place where both photography and videography equipment are available.”

Given with these circumstances, it gave her the idea to put up her own studio. A studio where “photography and videography can take place”. More than a studio, Andrea said that she wanted AA Studio to be a creative space for other artists.

Andrea does all the video shoots and post processing while her staunch collaborator, Clarence Sayman, does all the photoshoots. Both Andrea and Clarence graduated Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication in Ateneo de Davao University.

Aside from their alma mater, some of the biggest clients they have collaborated with so far include Niñofranco, Maizy Colleen, TPL PH, Pet Zoofari, Mother’s Choice Fruits, Natureal and Eye Crafter, to name a few.

You can message AA Studio on Facebook and Instagram for studio rentals and photo and video shoots.