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All for the love of ART in this sole multimedia arts club in USeP



To render service, especially in the arts industry and all for free, is quite rare nowadays. Sure, some of us do it to make ends meet in hopes to pay our bills – which is the case for most of the arts major. However, for Effigies – the first and only multimedia arts club in University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) – art is what keeps them going and if they can do it for the rest of their lives just for the love, they would. Effigies is founded by Kein Joshua Adanza, a graduating Electronics Engineering student from the said university. Together with him in building this club are the pioneering club officers namely Joselito Parantar Jr., Carl Joseph Sarsalejo, Jeziah Rabbi Salvar, Leo Marteen Raut, and Jim Andre Donaire.

“Effigies aims to gather all the photographers, filmmakers and photo-video editors inside the university to have talks, trainings and workshops all for FREE, that will enhance their talents and produce high-quality products to be known not only in the university but to the whole world,” Kein said. As of writing, Effigies has a total of 28 active members. With the new academic year, Kein is hoping that the numbers would grow and more students would be enticed to join the club.

Though with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic putting some of the biggest school events –  a.k.a. the club’s heart and soul – into a halt, the club still manages to actively operate through their virtual meetings and workshops. As a matter of fact, they’re responsible for some, if not most, of the school’s publicity materials on all of the school’s social media accounts.

The Middle Mag PH caught up with one of the founders of Effigies and talked about the club’s future plans, the club’s humble beginnings, and why everyone should take art more seriously.

Hi, Kein. So far, how is the club doing since it was launched?

The club gathers an instant audience because of our published photos and videos in our Facebook page taken during some big events in the school. To fully control the other events, we also accept advance letters of requests so that we can book them on our schedule and also, we can appoint who is free on that moment to shoot. In an instance where one of our members is available to shoot but has no equipment on hand, we the officers will find a way to let him/her have the chance to have equipment.

What are the future plans of the club in the long run?

To gather more young multimedia enthusiasts in the university, to cater and be exposed to more events inside and outside the university, to be able to receive support from the university like equipment and office, and to connect to other universities and companies for trainings and partnerships.

Why do you think people should take arts more seriously?

It’s because you can express your deepest thoughts and lightest happiness through art. You can be yourself through art or you can be the person you want to be. Art is more than the things we see, it’s on the feelings and the passion of the artist that portrays it.

What are some of the biggest accolades or achievements of the club?

To be requested to cover a big event in the university (USeP 41st Founding Anniversary) and be acknowledged by the students, faculty and staff because of our amazing photos and videos. And also, to be able to submit an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2020 Short Film Competition.

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What are some of the major activities you’ve organized before?

The first-ever General Assembly of Effigies in which we have gathered our first batch of pioneering members. And partners of different departments, organizations, clubs, college and executive student council of the university of their different major activities such as but not limited to university founding anniversary documentation, college fiestas, college accreditation documentations (AACUP), organization conferences, clubs’ trainings and workshops, ROTC-POSE, pageants and more.

Are there any plans of going big? Say form an organization of the multimedia arts students in Mindanao?

That is one of the big plans we are planning to achieve. To connect with others universities and launch different activities, trainings, workshops and competitions about multimedia arts. And to form an active organization of young filmmakers, photographers and photo-video editors, say a multimedia artist in Davao and in Mindanao.

Advice to people who want to pursue multimedia arts

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” - Matthew 7:7 

Explore. Don’t hesitate to express yourself. Life is short. Be kind. Be humble.

For more updates about the club, visit their official Facebook page here.

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