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‘COMMUNE’ gathers all the exciting artists of Western Mindanao


This might just be the concert we’ve been waiting for.

Remember when we said that there should be a music festival featuring only the best artists from Mindanao à la Coachella? It seems like this wish has finally been granted as Playground proudly presents Commune — a virtual music festival featuring the exciting modern artists of Western Mindanao.

Slated on January 20, 2021, via Facebook Live, Commune features performances from Pinkbarney, Ino Makata, Bluehome$, Jullienne Tuazon, and more. With a look and a few listen to these artists’ works you’ll know that Commune promises itself to be one of 2021’s biggest musical events in the archipelago.

In an interview, Co-Founder of Playground, Kim Tayona, shared that the bespoke creative agency has long been organizing music sessions prior to COVID-19 outbreak. Only this time, they wanted these artists to share again their music and commune with their audience.

“Expect some original exclusive songs that you might hear first in this event. Some of the artists in the line-up sing in their native dialects. We would like to encourage and offer this platform for artists who write songs in their own dialect,” Kim said on some of the things viewers must look forward to in the online concert. He also added that this event aims to raise the appreciation of our original local music and artists.

Before COVID-19 changed (or ruined) everything by shifting to what we now call the “new normal” which includes conducting events through an online platform, Kim shared that the festival was supposed to be an ambitious 12-hour long actual concert. “Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we had to reinvent and do it virtually. Maybe in the future, we’ll have this event face to face.”

When asked about why people should support this online concert, Kim was not hesitant to emphasize the importance of appreciating and celebrating your local homegrown artists the way we hype up the “mainstream acts”.

After Commune, people can look forward to the next project of Playground which is the second season of Sandbox — a series of talks where creatives and entrepreneurs share their ideas and stories.

Commune is co-presented by Dennis Coffee Garden. This event is also sponsored by Dennis Coffee Express,, and Home Brew. Click here for more details of the event: