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Creatives On Q: Music (and Modeling) are just two of Julian Vasquez’s ultimate love



Way before modeling came into the picture, music is and will always be Julian’s first love. Back in 2019, he auditioned for ABS-CBN’s Idol Philippines and got four YES-es from the judges.

Julian Lee Vasquez in Idol Philippines

Although his Idol Philippines journey was cut short, it did not stop Julian from honing his craft. On his past time, he plays instruments like guitar and piano and even writes music. In an interview, he said that when he’s all set in the future, he will make a career out of music.

Julian Vasquez is currently taking up HUMSS strand in Ateneo de Davao University Senior High School. Aside from taking up workshops organized by Icon Elites Artist Management, Julian is also busy attending to his online classes.

“Icon Elites Artist Management has helped me hone my talents in a way that I have been through different types of experiences in different doors. Some I wasn’t sure that I could do just like acting or dancing. But with this management, it has helped me overcome this fear thinking that I might not be able to perform in these aspects,” the 18-year-old young model and musician from Davao City shared on how Icon Elites Artist Management helped hone his talents further.

The Middle Mag PH sat down with Julian Vasquez and talked about his future plans, self-love, the importance of protecting your peace, and more.

Creatives on Q by The Middle Mag PH is a special feature story that documents and highlights the creative process and plight of the young emerging artists in Mindanao while in community quarantine. The creatives industry, among other sectors, has also been adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

How is 2021 so far for you?

I have considered 2021 as a year of mixed emotions since 2021 has just started but I’ve already experienced hardships and also joy but so far, it has still been overall tolerable.

How do you keep your mental health in check amidst these uncertain times?

During these times, I tend to keep my mental health in check by doing the things that I love to do. Just like making music or talking with friends online. Also, I tend to try to think of ways that I can improve myself physically or mentally with these times that all of us can’t go outside due to this pandemic.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

Things that are keeping me busy are mostly about school. Since we are still on strict quarantine, online class has been our way of studying so I’ve been bombarded with assignments and tasks but so far I’m handling it quite well.

What are your plans?

My plans for the future has been quite a joy ride in a way that I have so many things that I want to do in the future. But mostly I first want to finish my studies or if God gives me the chance, I want to be a pilot in the future or pursue music and try to make it a career of mine.

What is/are your biggest realization/s this pandemic?

My biggest realization during this pandemic is that there are so many things that we take for granted. That we thought was always gonna be there or was never gonna be taken away. I realized that we should never take, even a second, all the things that we have for granted. This pandemic has caused us to stay in our homes and lose opportunities for the most of us. Thus, we should again cherish what we have.

How do you handle constructive criticisms?

I am a person who wants to improve. Thus, I am not a stranger to criticisms and comments about my abilities. I take it as a learning point and try to take it all in and try to implement these comments to improve in what I can do.

Why is self-love important?

I know that I am not the best out there. Loving your self is accepting what your flaws are and also what you can’t do. Thus, I think that self-love is important because loving yourself and what you are capable of is all you need to go further in life.

What is the biggest misconception that you want to break or defy about the modeling industry? And why?

One of the biggest misconceptions about modeling is that if you’re a model, you have to be perfect in any way possible or you should have “a pretty face and a perfect body”. I think that these standards in the modeling industry are toxic in a way that in reality, no one is perfect. We all have our own flaws and problems in life, and that’s what makes us human. We should not be someone we aren’t and we should be more confident with these flaws. And again, learn to love ourselves because everyone has the chance to be a model. These doors are always open. You may not see it now but in time, if you really want something, with hard work and knowing your worth, you can achieve whatever you desire.

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