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Creatives on Q: Enzo Never Settles for Less

Enzo Munar


Davao City

Aside from photography, this multimedia artist from Davao City not only relies on photography as his creative outlet but doing graphic design and watercolor painting as well.

(Photo on the left) Francis Lorenz Munar or Enzo to his colleagues and friends is a freelance photographer for six years. He is currently studying Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication in Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

At a first glance or at least what his feed on Instagram tells you, you’d automatically assume that Enzo has it all figured out. However, just like the rest of the seemingly tireless and hardworking young creatives out there, he too experiences creative block or what we usually call burnout.

“I handle it by focusing on my stressors and reducing those that are unnecessary. I sometimes cry all of it out and sleep,” he said when asked on

how he deals with burnout. “I believe as we work more and more, working longer hours and coping with higher stress rates, our minds and bodies pay the price.”

If not a Photographer, he would be an Engineer by now, he said. But how does one become more? Know more about Enzo, his works and inspirations in this special feature with The Middle Mag PH

Hi, Enzo. As a photographer, what do you think is your biggest achievement so far?

I have accomplished several feats in my journey as a photographer. Scoring a variety of gigs, projects, and collaborations with other photographers in Davao City — they were indeed great achievements.

And if I were to pinpoint my biggest triumph so far, it would be the privilege I had of being handpicked to carry the name of our school, compete against other well-trained photographers; and ultimately, bagging the first place, up to the regionals.

Any local or international photographers you’re looking up to? Why?

When I entered the art school, I also looked up to some foreign photographers, namely Peter Lippmann, because of his still life photography, Caleb and Gladys, renowned for their dramatic and surreal photography, and also Mudita Aeron – known for fashion, advertising and portrait photography. While locally, I have my mentor, Joseph Bermudez, who still encourages me to go to fashion photography because he feels I can do it. Even, BJ Pascual and his glorious ideas inspire me a lot.

Where do you draw inspiration for a concept?

I am always looking for inspiration through magazines, books, and even in the series that I watched.

For collaborations and shoots, you can contact Enzo through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also send him a message through, or 0966 245 9239.

Check out his portfolio site here.

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