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Here are the 7 Up and Coming Premier Philippine Colleges and Universities in Mindanao

Feature ⬝ Real Jhon Castillon

It looks like giant businesses have already seen Mindanao as an island worth investing – and it truly is. Over the years, we’ve seen or heard investors only put up their businesses in the capital region. Now, not only do we see establishments such as malls and condominiums that used to be available in Metro Manila branching out here in Mindanao but also some of the premiere colleges and universities in the country.

Students from Mindanao will no longer have to take a plane to Manila, unless they want to, to pursue or study in their dream schools because some, if not most, of these schools will soon be coming in the land of promise to deliver excellence and quality education to Mindanaoans. 

Though we already have premiere colleges and universities here that Mindanaoans have taken pride of, but we don’t mind a little competition, don’t we? At the end of the day, all of these schools only have a one end-goal in mind and that is to hone the skills of our students.

We’ve gathered a list of the up and coming schools in Mindanao that you might want to check out together with their Center of Excellence (COE) and Center of Development (COD) to help you figure out which school to apply to for your choice of program. 

Read on. Your dream school might be included in this list.

1. Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapua School

Davao City

Opened two years ago in Davao City along the busy streets of Matina, Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapua School has proven to be a force to reckon with in the academe industry here in Mindanao. Known as the first school to integrate digital learning education in Mindanao, MCM promises to be a school that you might want to go to if you’re leaning into technology, engineering, arts, and sciences.

Plus, they offer programs that let you obtain bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Mapua University all at the same time. MCM offers Senior High School and College programs.

Excellent Programs: Engineering and Technology, Arts and Sciences

2. Lyceum of the Philippines – Davao (LPU Davao)

Davao City

Lyceum of the Philippines – Davao (LPU Davao) is the sixth LPU campus in the country and a first in Mindanao. Founded and reflected by the ideals of the former president of the Philippines, President Jose P. Laurel, LPU Davao sure is the perfect school for those who aspire to “Take the lead”. The school, especially its counterparts in Metro Manila, excels in programs like business, tourism and hospitality management, and health and sciences.

LPU Davao is part of the LPU Township in partnership with Cebu Landmasters, Inc. located near the Davao City International Airport. 

LPU Davao has officially opened its doors last June 2019 and offers Junior College (SHS) and College programs.

Excellent Programs: Business and Accountancy, Tourism and Hospitality, Health and Sciences

3. University of Sto. Tomas

General Santos City

Not much has been said yet about the General Santos City campus of University of Sto. Tomas but as of writing, the construction of the first UST campus in Mindanao is in its full swing and is expected to operate by year 2021.

In an article by Carmencita Carillo in Business World, UST GenSan City campus will offer programs in Health and Sciences, Business and Accountancy, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science.

Excellent Programs: Health and Sciences, Business and Accountancy, Engineering and Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science.

4. De La Salle University

Davao City


Soon to be located along Matina Street, often regarded as the OG university town due to the number of schools situated in the area such as the University of Mindanao, Malayan Colleges Mindanao and more, the Davao City campus of De La Salle University will soon be an addition within the premises of the university town.

DLSU Davao is one of the few schools in Mindanao, aside from LPU Davao and Enderun Colleges Davao, that is built within a township. DLSU is part of the Davao City Global Township (DGT), a project by YHEST Realty and Development Corp. – a joint venture of Cebu Landmasters, Inc. and the Yuson, Huang, and Tan families.

Business World reports that DLSU Davao will soon be operational by year 2021 and will offer programs in data science, information security and engineering and business.

Excellent Programs: Business, Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Technology

5. University of the Philippines – Los Baños (UP Professional Schools in Agriculture and the Environment)

Panabo City, Davao del Norte

Mindanews reported last 2017 that the state-run UP Los Baños will soon have its campus erected in Panabo City, Davao del Norte. The UP Professional Schools in Agriculture and the Environment (UPAE) is UP Los Baños’ response to the high growing demand of the agribusiness sector in Mindanao.

As of writing, classes have already started and being conducted in Davao City with only a few students. Programs offered include Masters of Science in Entomology and Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Environmental Science.

The campus is still on its development stage and is expected to finish two to three years from now. As soon as the construction is completed, students will have to transfer their classes in Panabo City.

Excellent Programs: Agriculture, Environmental Science

6. University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)

Davao City

Known as one of the most expensive schools in the country, the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in Davao City is made possible with the partnership of New City Commercial Cooperation (NCCC) and UA&P.

It will soon be situated in Panacan, Davao City within an 8-hectare land. In a press release written in the school’s website, the UA&P in Mindanao will offer programs in professional and executive education in law, business economics, teacher education, management, information technology, and political economy.

No details yet on the construction of the campus.

Excellent Programs: Arts and Humanities, Business and Technology

7. Enderun Colleges

Davao City

Also known as one of the most expensive schools in the country, Enderun Colleges in Davao City will soon be operational by 2021. The Davao City campus of Enderun Colleges is the first campus of the said school outside Metro Manila.

It will be offering programs in entrepreneurship, hospitality management, and business administration.

Excellent Programs: Business and Management, Hospitality Management

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