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Creatives on Q: Juliana Fights Back through her Art

Visual Art ⬝ Juliana Hellmuth

Fashion Designer, Content Creator, Fashion Photographer

Davao City

As early as five years old, art has already become a part of Juliana June Hellmuth’s bloodline. While some of us may have discovered our talent for singing, dancing, or acting at that age, this Germany-based Davaoeña has discovered her passion and love for painting. And luckily, her parents have their all-out support. Since then, Juliana has made an astounding career for doing sketches and paintings. She is also building a career in Fashion Design and is gearing up for her upcoming collection.

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Her artworks, which we are a huge fan of by the way, draw so much inspiration from women highlighting their plight and importance. As a matter of fact, her piece “Do you know how tiring it is to be a girl?” has recently gone viral on Facebook due to its relevance and powerful message.

“In 2016, a Twitter account started posting nude photos of women from Davao — and I was mad. I was actively reporting the page until it was deleted. Then, two months ago, another page started selling nudes of Davaoeñas, and I could no longer contain my anger,” she shared. The said post now has over 40,000 reactions and shares on the platform and still counting. “I couldn't believe that I would still be dealing with this kind of mess a few years later. I couldn't believe that, on top of what women face every day, men still have the audacity to use our confidence against us,” she added. She then channeled this anger into an essay and incorporated a painting that features a woman against a backdrop of other women’s bodies. 

Right now, though everything has been put to a halt because of the ongoing health crisis, Juliana still keeps herself occupied and busy. “The quarantine didn't slow me down so, over the past 4 months, I've finished an online course on Sustainability in Luxury Fashion from UAL: London College of Fashion. I have also enrolled myself in Central Saint Martins for their course on Sustainable Sourcing for Fashion, and that's on top of my full-time job.” 

If not studying or working, she also spends her time brushing up on her German language, working out, and more. 

As an artist herself, she too knows the struggle of being misunderstood and misjudged especially by parents who automatically assume that there’s no money in art. “Not all parents are understanding when it comes to pursuing art as a career because of the notion that it's not sustainable and that there are “more stable jobs” out there, further affecting one's own decision to pursue it.” But for Juliana, more often than not, all you have to do is to prove them wrong. “Show to them how you can earn through art, how it can be a full-time job with great compensation, how it's more than just a moneyless hobby. Lead them to enlightenment by being the example. There's no greater happiness than knowing you flourished and succeeded despite all the discouragement —  and the view is great up here!”

You can contact Juliana for art commissions through her Instagram or her official website.