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Luis Rabat’s “Happy Pill” may just be our new, well, happy pill


It seems like every prolific musician we know is bringing back the 80’s or 90’s sound in their songs recently. Is there a memo that we missed? Or are we all just feeling a little bit nostalgic? But nevertheless, we’re not complaining.

The best that everyone could have right now — with what’s going on in the world especially with the stress that COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us — is to remind us how simple and far from toxicity life was before.

What better way to remind us that than songs with a sound that takes us back to the simpler times. At least this is what Luis Rabat’s newest single “Happy Pill” is making us all feel. The 90’s-inspired song and music video is exactly what we need right now.

“Happy Pill” tells us how one person could break every wall that we built around ourselves for the past years. That no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that it might be some kind of delusion, you can’t because all this time that person who’s making you feel all sorts of feelings is in fact your happy pill. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a coming-of-age rom-com film.

“Happy Pill was made in a moment of excitement and inspiration, directed to someone who previously made me feel very joyous. But typically, I was raised to know my place and purpose wherever I go. Hence, the hesitation that one can hear on the song,” Luis said on the inspiration in writing the single. “But to be really exact about the origin of this song, it really started with a plea from a close friend of mine back when we were in 2nd year of our designated courses. Marella Jean Legarta, who’s now a certified occupational therapist, and I used to have fun late night talks about these things.”

These late night talks are what fueled Luis to turn their suppressed emotions into a song as they are both “experiencing the same emotion, even in a different circumstance.”

“Whenever I write and compose most of my songs, I treat it like it’s a memoir of the things I’ve gone through. It’s my personal way of expressing my emotions and experiences. For Puppeteer and Happy Pill, I wrote them with present emotions, together with a melody that I have synced with it.”

With how his two singles are written and produced, it’s hard to imagine that Luis has never attended any songwriting workshops or seminars. For him, songwriting is “abstract” and has always been about writing from experiences.

During the interview, Luis revealed that he has worked with producers on some songs he has written during the quarantine season. He teased that some of these projects might be slowly unveiled at the end of September. He shared, “We’ve been working hard to give something “jam-packed” for the last quarter of Year 2020. Maybe one of these days, I have a “narrative” to tell that would require listeners to sit down and listen. After all, I’ve released songs that’s part of that story I’m about to holistically tell in the future.”

At the end of the interview, Luis admitted that he hopes to collaborate with an OPM act from Mindanao, TJ Monterde, in the future, saying that it would be a magical moment for him.

Right now, Luis is busy juggling between his full-time job as Physical Therapist while also making a mark in the local indie music scene.

Stream Luis Rabat’s singles “Puppeteer” and “Happy Pill” here. Follow Luis Rabat on Facebook and Instagram for music updates.