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Mindanao Pop (MinPop) Deserves So Much of your Attention

Music ⬝ Real Jhon Castillon

In case you missed it, Mindanao Pop is a timeless bop. Yes, we’re claiming it. Not only are they certified BOP but they’re also proudly made by our very own Mindanaoan musicians. Talk about authenticity and pure talent.

Earlier this year, before COVID-19 pandemic had ruined everything which led to the cancellations of some of our most looked forward to events, Muzics Kool, in partnership with the Mindanao Music Community, had successfully launched the first ever Mindanao Popular (MinPop) Music Festival last February at Damosa Complex, Davao City.

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Though we missed the event and envied those who got to witness the performances live, listening to it on several music streaming apps in the four corners of your room feels like an intimate concert with the artists themselves already. 

And we’re not exaggerating when we said that it deserves so much of your undivided attention because it surely does. The top 10 entries which is comprised of songs sung and written in Cebuano, English, and Tagalog, just prove how beautiful and diverse the music of Mindanao truly is.  

So if you need a break from the songs of today and looking for something that’s refreshing and screams “Ato ni bai!” then Mindanao Pop is perfect for you. 

Plus, they made it to the Top 40 of Deezer Philippines’ Top 300 Releases and ranked at 37 the moment their debut album was released. Proving that Mindanao Pop is slowly gaining traction among Filipino music lovers. 

Who knows? Mindanao Pop might hit the global air waves sooner than we think given their recent partnership with PhilPop Foundation.

But for now, show your support by streaming Mindanao Pop 2020 Entries here:

Know more about Mindanao Pop Music Festival by visiting their official website here. You may also like and follow them @MinPopOfficial on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.