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On Fridays, we turn to Matek Movie Nights

Film Real Jhon Castillon

Photo credit: Cinematheque Centre Davao/Film Development Council of the Philippines

While mass gatherings, including going to cinemas, are temporarily banned due to the ongoing health crisis brought by COVID-19 and the government imposed lockdowns, Cinematheque Centre Davao somehow manages to fill the void of going out and watching movies in the big screen through its weekly online watch party, Matek Movie Nights.

By 8 PM every Friday, everyone will get to stream simultaneously a local film of their choice in an exclusive online viewing party.

With the surge of local films that are currently up for free streaming, Matek Movie Nights might just be every film enthusiast’s perfect online event to subscribe to.

Marketing and Promotions Officer of Cinematheque Centre Davao, Neo, had a quick chat with us and shared a few deets about Matek Movie Nights and what CCD is in store for its audience in the new normal.

Hi, Neo. Would you share with us how this idea of Matek Movie Nights came about?

Hi! So, Matek Movie Nights came about as an idea when we were looking for activities that were possible to do even from a safe distance. We saw that our social media pages have started plateauing because of the inactivity and transitional posts to this new status quo the pandemic has brought us. We really wanted something that would rejuvenate our audience's interest in us and something that would keep the spirit of watching and going to the movies alive, even when public gatherings weren't allowed.

Basically, Matek Movie Nights is there to at least virtually fill the gap left by social distancing and also continue promoting discourse around movies.

With the ongoing pandemic, what does CCD have in store for their audience, now that social gatherings are put to a halt?

Unfortunately, cinemas are some of the most affected businesses during this public health crisis. But rest-assured, Cinematheque will always be here; waiting for you to come back so we can watch movies together again. Right now, we have an online signature campaign called #NoodTayoNgSine.

We're currently churning out fun video content and other posts about it. This is our way of "pointing towards the light at the end of the tunnel"; that there's something to look forward to amidst all of this, and that is watching movies in the cinema with the people you love. They can sign the campaign today at and join our mailing list. They will immediately be emailed with new cinema guidelines and current updates on cinemas reopening depending on their location.

We also want to make more engaging content around movie discussion, so we made MOVIES THAT MADE ME. We want to know what movies left a mark on our audience. They can even email us their entries at! The more personal, the better.

And finally, Matek Movie Nights - your weekly online watch party. We have plans for improving the platform and "upgrading" it. I unfortunately still cannot share any of that information but they should definitely expect a bigger Matek Movie Nights in the coming months.

Actually, we have a live event tomorrow with Pasalidahay! We're going to be live streaming Mindanao LGBTQ+ short films and then afterwards, there will be a discussion with the filmmakers. Hope everyone gets join us because this is a first for both organizations! 

Cinematheque Centre Davao is the Film Development Council of the Philippines's alternative and accessible venue for exhibiting Filipino and world cinema. It is located at Palma Gil St., Davao City along Pasalubong Center People’s Park.

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Photo credit: Cinematheque Centre Davao/Film Development Council of the Philippines