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SOX Zine Fest 2020 goes Online



SOX Zine Fest 2020 officially opens 30 November 2020 at 7:00 PM on the Fest’s Facebook page. For the first time, this year’s leg is held online until 4 December 2020.

SOX Zine Fest is an annual gathering of creators, readers, and supporters of zines and independent publications in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region. The first three installments were held in General Santos City in 2017, Koronadal City in 2018, and Tacurong City in 2019. These were made possible with the cooperation of local organizations, business establishments, and government agencies.

A total of fifteen (15) zines and other independent publications are featured for SOX Zine Fest 2020. Ten (10) works are created specifically for this year’s Fest and these are Homeward by RG Palua, Alimpatakan by Writear’s Sheet, Linya by Sarangani Writers League, Illuminations by Valoræx, Lamdagan by Matet Rulona, Infinitus by Kayla Casulla and Angel Licca Herdon, Read This When Your Connection Sucks by Rogelio Jenson, Paula Earecka Diesmo, and Rich Campos, Hiligaynon Poetry Easy Recipes by Adrian Medina Pregonir, Criminality, Hunger, Abuse by Nigel Delima, Khenry Ledesma, and Nikka Baguio, and Open Cases from the Mindanao Journal of Esoteric Phenomenon by Angelo Serrano. The five (5) other works are from the previous legs of SOX Zine Fest and these are Alaala ng Paglimot by Hannah Leceña and Alvin Pomperada (editors), Sa Lasang by Marianne Bullos, Galugad by Alvin Pomperada, Skysea by Saquina Karla C. Guiam, and Shattered Hearts by Prinz Plang. The works are created by writers from different backgrounds and in various languages and literary forms.

All of the works are viewable for free throughout the entire duration of the event, while some are even available for download and distribution. Readers can also purchase or get a personal copy of the works by sending the organizers or creators a message. Part of the proceeds will go to the creators’ chosen relief drive for those affected by the recent typhoons in the Philippines.

The works are featured from noon until late afternoon of SOX Zine Fest 2020. Special online events are also held at 7:00 PM every day—poetry performances by the members of Sigaw Heneral on 1 December, a game and book night by Valoræx, an interview by writer and influencer Genory Vanz Alfasain with award-winning author and publisher Mary Ann Ordinario, and a feature of the poetry collection Klaro na Masyado (Kasingkasing Press, 2020) by Gerald Castillo Galindez.

Galindez serves for the third consecutive year as the Zine Fest Director. Meanwhile, this year’s leg is in partnership with the online platform Yadu Karu, publishing house ABC Children’s Books, book club Valoræx, and spoken word artists group Sigaw Heneral.

Check out the full schedule of SOX Zine Fest 2020 below:

Day 1 (30 November 2020)

● 7:00 PM: Opening & Introduction of Zines

Day 2 (1 December 2020)

● 12:30 PM: Alimpatakan by Writear’s Sheet

● 2:00 PM: Lasang by Marianne Bullos

● 3:00 PM: Homeward by RG Palua

● 5:30 PM: Linya by Sarangani Writers League

● 7:00 PM: Valoræx Game Night

Day 3 (2 December 2020)

● 12:30 PM: Illuminations by Valoræx

● 2:00 PM: Skysea by Saquina Guiam

● 3:00 PM: Alaala ng Paglimot by Hannah Leceña, Alvin Pomperada, et al.

● 5:30 PM: Lamdagan by Matet Rulona

● 7:00 PM: Sigaw Heneral Performances

Day 4 (3 December 2020)

● 12:30 PM: Infinitus by Kayla Casulla and Angel Licca Herdon

● 2:00 PM: Hiligaynon Poetry Easy Recipes by Adrian Medina Pregonir

● 3:00 PM: Galugad by Alvin Pomperada

● 5:30 PM: Read This When Your Internet Connection Sucks by Arshee Jenson et al.

● 7:00 PM: Yadu Karu’s Interview with Mary Ann Ordinario

Day 5 (4 December 2020)

● 12:30 PM: Shattered Hearts by Prinz Plang

● 3:00 PM: Criminality, Hunger, Abuse by Nigel Delima et al.

● 5:30 PM: Open Cases from the Mindanao Journal of Esoteric Phenomenon by Angelo Serrano

● 7:00 PM: Launch of Klaro na Masyado by Gerald Galindez

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