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Stan Local Biz: The “Mad” Hype for MADOVEN.DVO



As we are all relentlessly coping with the current health crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, some, if not most, of us are doing the best we can to make ends meet just to sustain our basic needs. One of the common means to do such is by working from home with our full-time job or, as majority of the Filipinos are doing nowadays, selling various products online. From food to furniture, paintings to beauty products and more, we’ve all seen how local products are suddenly the top trending posts in all our socials.

The past few months of the year 2020 has seen an overwhelming yet reasonable surge of local products and businesses in social media. The amount of local businesses coming up every now and then just further amplifies the discussion of the importance of supporting local products or businesses. That even if this pandemic will be over for God knows when, our support to these businesses should still continue. After all, we’re not only helping our countrymen but our economy as well.

In this #StanLocalBiz, we gather and review local products and businesses in Mindanao that deserve your recognition and undying support. We also got to talk with their business owners and shared with us some insights that might be helpful for you if you’re planning to put up your own business someday.

Stan Mindanao local products and businesses y’all!

The Mad Hype is totally real for MADOVEN.DVO

Who gave MADOVEN.DVO the right to satisfy our sweet cravings and eventually break our diet?

Since it was launched last May 2020, people within the owners’ circle, Troy Stephen Vergara and Melika Eidzafar, and later on those who tried and bought their pastries couldn’t stop raving how good their products are. Curious as to what the hype is all about, we also dive right in. And the next thing we knew, we were also hyping it up too. 

Troy Stephen Vergara is an events director and marketing strategist. He manages the business’ social media accounts and marketing promotions. Her business partner on the other hand, Melika Eidzafar, is the one doing all the baking. Both have previously worked for two years in student council back in college.

Troy recalled that prior to lockdown and COVID-19 or when things were just normal, Mel would always bring him baked goods such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more from the school where Mel is currently taking up baking classes.


“I’ve always thought of things that will make me productive, practically speaking, thinking of anything that might help stabilize my financial savings. Truth be told, we all have bills to pay. But I’m stuck with my skill, the thing I know best, Marketing,” Troy shared. He admitted that the demand for marketers during these uncertain times is low as most business owners do all things at once. “So I thought harder and explored the possibility of collaborating with an individual that is blessed with an innate talent. I only have one person in my head and that is Melika.”

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The two then started to work on how the business should go and until one day, they decided to launch MADOVEN.DVO. Some of their best sellers include Red Velvet cupcakes, Classic Cookies, and Revel Bars. Their Red Velvet cupcakes and revel bars – the ones we bought – are enough to convince you to buy another one or two boxes the next time around. 

“Small businesses know well the behavior of their clients. They know how to serve good service and most importantly they pour all the efforts that their customers deserve through quality products,” Troy said when asked regarding the importance of supporting small businesses or local products during these trying times. 

As of now, the two are busy coming up marketing ideas to strengthen their sales and brand awareness. Last September, they had a special treat for all the die-hard fans of the hit American TV show, FRIENDS. For this month, they partnered with THE MIDDLE MAG PH in giving 35% off of a second box. Simply show us a screenshot of you liking both The Middle Mag PH and MADOVEN.DVO facebook’s page.

Troy also emphasized to keep posted on all their social media accounts as they give out monthly promos. Looks like Mad.Oven DVO might just be the gift that keeps on giving huh.

For orders, you may message Mad Oven.DVO on Facebook and Instagram. They reply messages even past midnight. 

Mad.Oven DVO Must-Try: Red Velvet and Revel Bars. The sizes are pretty mad and the taste is not overly done. It’s definitely one of the local businesses that will thrive in the long run if they continue to play their cards right.

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