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This (sort of) BL Short Film from PWC is giving us the right amount of *kilig* feels

Film ⬝ Real Jhon Castillon

Have you ever been in love with your best friend? No? Then spare yourself from this film because you’re definitely not the target audience. But you might want to check this one out if you fancy a feel-good short film that tugs your heartstrings. Plus, it has the perfect blend that we’re all rooting for a short film: stunning cinematography, on-point sound design, heartwarming message, and just everything nice.

Warning: The following contains some spoilers. Read at your own risk. 

“11-11” follows the story of best friends, Brad and Kyle, who have sworn for eternity to commemorate the death anniversary of their best friend, Nika, every November 11 of every year. The story, however, revolves around the suppressed, intimate feelings that Brad has towards the campus crush Kyle and Brad’s 11:11 wish for Kyle to have the same affection and attraction towards him too. But there’s one problem — Kyle is straight. In fact, he’s courting the petite and ray of light Eunice. What follows is a discovery that both Kyle and Brad wouldn’t have seen coming. Will their friendship still be the same? Or will it only just ruin the good times that they have spent together?

One thing that’s remarkable about this student short film from Philippine Women’s College of Davao is the simple yet strong message of the film. Though the story is somehow cliché or formulaic, it manages to portray genuine and larger-than-life characters. 

Fun Fact: The two male lead characters are actually a couple in real life. They’ve been together for four years already. (Let our response be: SANA ALL!)

More than a short film about friendship, “11-11” never fails to shed light on love and acceptance — not just towards a special person but more importantly, of one’s self. And yes, gays and straights can be best of friends, too. They might have just told us that in this film.

“Itong film na ito ay entry po ng team namin for our Intramurals last December 2019 (This film was our entry during the Intramurals last December 2019),” Angelo Rompos, the film director, said in an interview. He is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. “Gusto ng team namin na ipaabot sa mga manonood, mga kabataan man o mga may edad; ang mensahe ng film namin na tungkol sa LGBT. We want to leave an impact and realization. Yung masasabi natin na hindi lang sya basta-bastang short film (We want to leave a message to the viewers, both young and old ones, about the relevance of LGBT. We want to leave an impact and realization. That it’s not just purely a short film.)”

They had uploaded the film on the director’s Facebook page for a limited time last June in celebration of Pride Month. But need not to worry, the director is generous enough to give us the link where you can stream the film.

Stream the film here and let the director know what you think. You may message him on his Facebook account, Angelo James Ompoy, should you have more questions about the film.

And please don’t forget to support student short films from the regions. Let’s encourage them to make more films and watch them however you can. Write a good review and spread the good word about it.

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