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Stan Local Biz: We’re Obsessed with the New Collection from Kaayo

Fashion ⬝ Real Jhon Castillon

People are really out there wearing stylish, quality jumpsuit (or tracksuit) and a mask amidst a global pandemic? Yes, that’s right, we’re people.

Local for more local businesses to stan? We got you. Check out our #StanLocalBiz series.

Kaayo’s newest ANYWEAR collection which just launched today is a collection of the new normal necessities while still being fashion-forward. Aside from the water-repellent (yes, you’ve heard it right) jumpsuits and tracksuits (which we’re so obsessed with as of the moment), Kaayo Modern Mindanao also releases face masks, bags, and visors made by the Mindanaoan indigenous tribes. 

Kaayo Modern Mindanao was founded by Ms. Mary Ann “Baby” Montemayor together with her daughter, Ms. Margarita Nograles, last 2016. Both are devoted advocates of anything Mindanaoan and women empowerment through livelihood projects. Kaayo Modern Mindanao “aspires to be more than just a clothing brand. It aims to be a creative platform that honors Mindanao and brings Mindanao to the world.”

It was only recently that we discovered Kaayo Modern Mindanao’s brand and its authentic Mindanaoan collection. As advocates of the Mindanaoan culture ourselves, we in The Middle Mag PH, never missed the opportunity to write about this brand that has gone on for three years and has helped escalate and put at a limelight not only the Mindanaoan culture but also the lives of the people behind the pieces that most of the sought-after and biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry in the country are wearing — the Mindanaoan indigenous tribes.

With the surge of up and coming local entrepreneurs and businesses, it is more vital now than ever to support local brands such as Kaayo Modern Mindanao.

And more than just the brand, wearing Kaayo Modern Mindanao pieces also comes with a huge responsibility — it is to know more about the culture of the indigenous tribes that are thriving in Mindanao. 

Proceeds from this collection will also go to the #BeatCOVID19 campaign.

Know more about Kaayo and their collection here or through Facebook and Instagram